Travel FAQ

While Alumni Association Travel allows you to reconnect with U-M alumni and experience the world, there are many questions that come along with international travel. The answers to the most commonly asked questions are below; however, if you have a question you don’t see below or if you need additional information, please contact Carrie Fediuk or Rachele Conley-Neu. They’re the extraordinary Alumni Association Travel Team responsible for planning and coordinating every aspect of your trip and can be reached at 855.764.0064 or


Lead Travel Program Manager

Carrie Fediuk is a graduate of Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Carrie came to the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan in August 2005 as a writer for the Marketing and Communications team. In 2007, she became Manager of Board and Employee Relations and, in 2009, Carrie became a member of the travel team. She is now Lead Travel Program Manager. Impressed with the strong loyalty and tradition that Michigan alumni carry with them long after they leave, she’s committed to helping keep that enthusiasm alive by finding ways to keep alumni connected with each other and the University. Email Carrie:

Rachele Conley-Neu

Travel Program Coordinator

Rachele Conley-Neu is an Ann Arbor native and an alumna of the University of Michigan. She holds a B.A. from LSA and an M.A. in Sport Management. She previously worked for Michigan in the Athletic Department as well as the golf course during undergrad and again as a graduate intern. She spent 2012-2014 handling operations for both the men’s and women’s golf teams. The last four years, Rachele worked for Detroit Mercy’s athletic department, where she oversaw two departments that were part of game-day operations and special events. She is enthusiastic to be back at Michigan working to create memorable experiences for Alumni Association members. Email Rachele:

I have a specific question regarding the airfare, trip price, room dimensions, facilities or accessibility of a trip. Whom do I contact?
Please contact Alumni Association Travel at 855.764.0064 or You may also contact the tour operator directly at the number listed on the website.
What happens if I need to cancel my trip?
If you decide you need to cancel your trip reservations, please refer to the terms and conditions found on the brochure or website. The request must be in writing via letter or email. This may be mailed to 200 Fletcher St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1007 or emailed to
Do I need to be a member of the Alumni Association to travel? Can I bring friends and family who are not alumni?
Yes. Travel is a benefit of Alumni Association membership, and we welcome family and friends on our tours. However, all travelers need to be members of the Association. If you would like to travel with us and you are not a member, you can join today.
How early should I make a reservation?
We always suggest making reservations as early as possible after the trip brochure is available. Some trips sell out very quickly. It is not possible to predict how quickly a trip will sell out. The longer you wait, the greater the chances are that the trip will be filled.
Why do I have to pay more if I am traveling alone?
Trip pricing is always based on two people sharing the cost of the hotel room or ship cabin. If you are traveling alone, there is no one else to share in the lodging expense. Therefore, a single traveler must cover this entire cost, instead of half. Please note that the single supplement for a cruise is generally much higher than a “land” trip since a substantial portion of the total trip cost is the ship cabin. There are no other “extra” fees charged to a single traveler other than the additional lodging cost. If you would like to request to have a roommate and not pay the single supplement, our tour operators will try to honor requests for roommates, but there is no guarantee that a roommate will be available.
Can I register over the phone?
Yes. Please contact Alumni Association Travel at 855.764.0064 or the tour operator at the number listed on the website.
I have questions regarding vaccinations, health tips, etc. when traveling abroad. Where do I go?
Please visit the Center for Disease Control’s website or contact the tour operator. You should also contact your primary health care physician.
Can I take my children on a trip?
We occasionally offer trips that are designed especially for families. However, the majority of our trips are best suited for adults. Limited children’s activities will be offered on our non-family trip departures. If you are interested in traveling with children, please contact our travel staff or the tour operator to find out if a particular trip is appropriate for children.
Can I remove the air component from the travel package so that I can use my frequent flyer miles to get to the destination city?
Yes. For the majority of our trips, a “Land Only” option is available. This will allow you make your own flight arrangements. However, if you are not traveling with the group, you will be responsible for the cost and arrangement of the airport transfers during the trip.
Will I receive additional information after I book my trip?
Once the tour operator has received your registration, you will receive detailed information regarding a suggested reading list, packing list, background information on the countries you will be visiting, currency requirements, and any other information you might need.

The Alumni Association is not responsible for changes of flight times, fare changes, dishonor of airline, hotel, or car-rental reservations, delays, losses, injuries, inconveniences, cessation of operations, airline or tour operator bankruptcies, acts of God, or any other event beyond our control.

The Association acts only as an independent contractor and not as a principal, agent, or joint venture for the airline, hotel, car-rental company, cruise line, and/or tour operator named in brochure. As a result, the Association is not responsible for their acts or omissions.

The Association acts only as agent for the participants with respect to travel services, and it shall not be responsible for changes of flight times, fare changes, dishonor of airline, hotel, or other reservations, injury, damage, loss of baggage, accidents, or for the acts or defaults of any person or entity engaged in conveying participants or in carrying out other arrangements of the tour. Further, the Association shall not be responsible for losses or additional expenses of the participant due to sickness, weather, strike, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, quarantine, acts of God, or other causes beyond its control.

The Association shall not be responsible for alteration in the itinerary as deemed necessary for carrying out the tour and the right is reserved to substitute hotels of similar quality. The right is further reserved to cancel a tour prior to departure, in which case the entire payment may be refunded without further obligation on its part. The right is also reserved to decline to accept or to retain any person as a member of the tour should such person’s health, actions, or general deportment impede the operation of the tour or the rights or welfare of the other participants. No refund will be made for the unused portion of any tour.

Applicants for participation on a tour accept, in full, all of the conditions set forth above.